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March 1st, 2011

contains timely health articles and local news. A copy of this paper is

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the economic problem. The veterinary sanitarian however

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representatives of the Ohio Eclectic Medical Association the

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The lids were in a terrible condition from the trachoma as well as

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in the thoracic cavity were normal. The abdominal cavity con

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sole there is a marked convexity on the dorsal aspect of the

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I instance the blacksmith s biceps. Congenital o ergrowth of

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The symptoms in the mildest cases were vomiting and

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cranially in cases of paresis. Marked untoward symptoms fol

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loss of power in the arm. Ni I.ing should be done to this

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of these diseases at a later time and so complete the series.

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look well to the dog. Many plans have been proposed for his

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is followed by muscular weakness running on finally to paralysis varim

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Prognosis. This disease is not fatal about 98 recover

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A Chief Veterinarian of Artillery with rank and pay of a

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suffering and inefficiency. Within the brief period during which the

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interference with its outflow. The precipitating cause of vascu

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visceroptosis is basically a neurologic condition yet its rational

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organization we can secure for ourselves protection at actual

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We were shown a letter to Dr. Winchester from a gentleman

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throng but in ourselves are triumph and defeat. The past year

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od poisoning due to the continual absorption of small doses of

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Vddress to the Cleveland Academy of Medicine at the opening of

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greatest social service the City could render at this time would

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tion of lymphatic glands are met with viz. the simple syphilitic j

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This is our problem at the present time and it may be yours

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held Wednesday July 21 1915 at the Bismarck the following members

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farm and dress his horses teeth saying that one of them did

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and persists until the surface is covered with granulations and

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fession may see just the condition in which this horse is. He

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dispensary shows the folly of underestimating the value of a teaching

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ganized with a view to centering first effort on measures of relief that

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jverv unusual result of infantile palsy of the extensor and peroneal

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States. It is brought into the State by shipments from other

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and other countries. The oldest and most widely circulated veterinary pub

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derson. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and

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to make personal appeals to individuals which greatly in

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or casts could be found in the urine and she has remained in

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ionic abscess the fluid portion having been absorbed and the

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but absent in the dorsalis pedis and only faintly perceptible in the tibialis

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each of three men in succession. Only unmistakable spirochaetes cut in

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found to be in perfect condition but the suspensory ligament

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cide what the limits of the practice of medicine are.

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five and seven days. In both the visual results were good.