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March 1st, 2011

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a purulent Pleurisy. This was impressed forcibly on my mind about four

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Dr. Myers said that the diagnosis of malignant disease of the spine

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These laboratories aided greatly in the investigation and control of typhoid

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numerous other morbid conditions such as alcoholism cancer various

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be neglected. Many a tooth is lost in early life which would

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eras. Transitory stuttering is also met with after exhausting

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evident that the tympanum is distended with fluid a free

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air. With regard to sea air experiments showed that

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form and dressed by applying a few thicknesses of carb. gauze

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edges and tip of the tongue showed small superficial ulcers.

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and cedema to which the patient succumbs. But in this disease as in

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fatty degeneration of the heart supplies us with ground for believing

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chial. After persisting for two or three days they gradually disappear

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