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March 1st, 2011

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by infection in various ways with human tuberculosis. As the
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which Lou Dillon would have beaten each of them in a mile
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the practice of obstetrics among bovine and equine animals are
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tributing a.series of articles to the Breeders Gazette upon the
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tions prescribed. After a slight improvement the swelling in
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n all the conditions existing in a septic as opposed to an aseptic
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by Feiling himself complete atrophy seemed to have occurred in six
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proved in appearance. On the 24th however the tongue was
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narians were much interested in the arrangement of the barns.
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wound of the flank with two stitches. The immediate effects
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effectively. When the Social Betterment Committee of the Fed
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the herd of two brothers Pesce. The attack was very severe.
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Wounds of the shoulder joint assumed importance because of the
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regarded as a privilege and an honor conferred upon him by
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a bandage will result in the operator lacerating the mucous
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of which had separated into their original ossifying centres the
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gutteral pouches which were filled with blood. During life and