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March 1st, 2011

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The administration of ether for surgical operations requires skill

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efforts should be made to inoculate all exposed to infection.

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field of genetics through careful clinical observations

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telegrams are frequently received from hospitals especially at hospital centers in whicli

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In the United States malaria is one of the fast disappearing diseases. In

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missioner of South Africa the Director of the Pasteur

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cold stages that accompany typhoid and other classes of fevers.

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parathyroid tissue remains after an apparently complete extirpation. A

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ing Diseases and during Convalescence from Fevers experience shows

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hypertrophy of the heart which is supposed to develop during

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plentiful and frequent application of soap and hot water twice

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the physician should be equipped and should be expected to

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plasma to exude into the tissues for the processes of growth

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of the younger members of his own family. This virus was

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On the following day although fever was slight the temperature

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with a vaccine consisting of a sterilised typhoid culture. Two or

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