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March 1st, 2011

dants in resisting the usual entreaties of the patient to be removed

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the faithful use of daily bathing and inunctions, long continued and at

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trophy; when this begins to fail, the patient's condition be-

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regards the acute development of pain and generalized abdominal

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hearing alone, from the sense of smell alone, or from the

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combined with the reflex stimulus conveyed to the nerve centres gov-

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douche being reduced two degrees every day. He had a slight attack five days

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are worth testing. Of the hock varieties of California, I

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tein, and sufficiently low in carbohydrates for the diabetic to

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rapidly thrown off than smaller quantities (500 e.c). The most recent

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The greatest physician of the seventh and eighth centuries, Paulus

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remedies that have been most frequently employed in this mannei', and

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function and to contract small blood-vessels, it promotes the pulmonary

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cussion is growing in favor. I have used it myself for many

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Appendicitis is the trouble that has excited the most in-

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admire the genius and brilliancy of this unassuming, quiet,

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light and perfect tub, capable of holding twenty gallons of water. It

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ment was obviously due to a temporary turgescence of the vessels of

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The reaction entailing the re-establishment, and even the increase, of

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menaced. This cardiac enhancement may be most effectively induced

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blood appears on the dressing the doctor is summoned at once,

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if turpentine be administered in suitable doses throughout, both tym-

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dioxide has formed, and probably ten per cent, of the bottles

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acter, or marked nervous symptoms a))pear, then alcoholics must be used.

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have removed all doubt as to the specific nature of the Klebs-Loffler

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brandy, — a brandy distilled from good pure wine, and bottled

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practice since the adoption of the management of patients her&

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they do not, as a rule, give rise to audible murmurs or other physical

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swollen, the capillaries greatly distended, and the air-cells filled with

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cold applications stimulate the vasodilators, giving rise to an active

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nor, indeed, on what might be regardcil a- the most vital features

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just called to his chair was usually gauged as to his ability

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rising several degrees in the evening, and falling slightly in the morn-

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the Saratoga waters, are most grateful and useful. Saratoga

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canina than in rabies mephitica, that the periods of incubation

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Insanitary. Xot in good sanitary condition. ( Lippiucott.)

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posed after the warm application to the temperature of the air, which is