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March 1st, 2011

criminated during life from eases of congestive aiioplexy. The foilowing
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the effects of expectant attention and the result of the manipu-
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effect. It is with blisters as it is with mercury : there are con-
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streets; the other sufferer, also a lady, gave utterance to a convulsive sob.
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permitted to continue in an aqueous solution, gradually undergoes
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The microscopic appearances of the secondary depositions in the lung
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accompany it. Thus, disease has often been rampant in Ireland when
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surprising that the slabs of the Morgue are never without their
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— 1- ....... - .:. or has resignedas Assistant Resident
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disappearance of all tenderness, rigidity, the McBurney
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Dr. Bexxett believed that it frequently happened in Cam-
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orous. It is of interest in this connection also to
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the Hottentots fmear their bodies, defends them fo much from
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Electrical Distribution of Heat, Light, and Power. By Harold P.
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the thermometer. In the course of the disease, however, the pulse becomes
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Professor Windle, President, Queen's College, Cork, in the
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Doyle, Ollino Burton, 4994, Fresno, Ky. School of Med., Ky , June 30, 189S.
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to pattern after. )_ Not the necessity for but the good of vital statistics
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The cells are loaded with fat, and, according to Cornil, this steatosis
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fountains and boats are about to begin ; but their un-
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have been produced if all the sugar had been split up, but in
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The ulcerations of ingrowing toe-nail are exceedingly common. The
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sugar equal to one-quarter of a grain to the ounce.
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out of six in 1870, and twice only in the six of 1871 ; tlie latter
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Fig. 3. — Roentgenograms of lungs injected through pulmonary artery with barium
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vessels. Observe that when I stroke the hand the discoloration dis-
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Beven weeks previously he was wounded by a bullet in the left upper
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sixteen suspect and forty-nine negative ;" or 58% tuberculous, 10%