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March 1st, 2011

by an abstract from the Lijon Medicale in which Dr. Mol

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liminary study before a decision as to treatment could

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A second most valuable series consist of mattress sutures

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test negative there was no clinical evidence of tuberculosis whatso

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characteristic teeth loose hemorrhage from the gingival junc

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PRO lt ixo6tB. Wo hoTO aUcady meotioDcd that only a snaD po

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ciated himself with the remarks of the previous speakers. He

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habits of these bacteria and address ourselves rather to

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water in the treatment of hinmoj lobiuBemia of horses or iu

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slight attack of the grippe such as he had been ac

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Mexico February 1 1841. Formerly Professor of Administrative Law in School

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disease has been associated with abdominal pain in the hepatic region

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for a century. The Liber Pandedve Medidnce of Mattheeus

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In the case of tumours of small size the forehead is not deformed.

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except that the seeds are not steeped or boiled before being bruised.

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to the ancient races inhabiting the north of Europe and that they were

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fracture resinous not fibrous odor slight bnt peculiar

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are epocha of health and ill health. It would aeem as if theae

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one half of the head and unlike frontal headache generally there was

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sumption 12 lung diseases 3 brain diseases 6 apoplexy 2 heart dit

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Dr. Barker That is an interesting point. In cases of this kind

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every ease. In preparing microscopic sections the new

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Certainly it will be important for this patient to get rid of her

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oped in a mercurialized subject the same as in one who

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the patient has not lost much blood. If the temper

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late Robert Codman of Boston the following bequests

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practitioner has not yet formed the habit however of resorting to association

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tory. A smgle application if properly done and with

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mous bulk which was removed by amputation at the shoulder joint for

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progress of medical knowledge and the progress of medical art. Like

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Fehst C. Ueber das Verhaltniss der Lange des Ruckenmarks zur

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in cases of old dislocation was clear but that an opera

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amounts to about one pound of fluid daily and issues from several orifices.

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De Havilland Hall Messrs. Butler Chapman Eve Gould Nell C.

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hibited the forceps which he prefers to use. A mouth gag is

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of more value to the general surgeon than to the neurologist.

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to their notice that these had in many cases been the medium of

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Ckuf AtsutarU Surgeon of the Ameriean WometCe War Bospital Paignton England.

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inquiry or examination must at once be made and the primary cause of

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instrument into the ear but in countries where there is conscription

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all kinds of discomforts they may lose their mental and i

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lecoitimend it for dogs suffering with bronchitis combined

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tested soaked a number of the threads in the cultivation laid them in

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in some degree to Elliottson but still more to Phoebus.

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who are fubjedt to hyfteric fits hould not be Tent lo boarding

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patient suffers from frequent pain in the head and slightly impaired in

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gravity falls after exercise of the lower extremities.

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Staphylococcus aureus. On the other hand an acute infection by the

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likely that the number of militia officers in the school

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tributory insurance scheme the medical part of which

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When the presentation is posterior the procedure must be carried

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mechanical kidney tension and consequent interference with the

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may last at least live or six months 3 there is nothing to

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of consciousness that simulate epilepsy very closely yet are

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tempering a section with one drop of virus Di Vestea and Zagari.

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testinal origin and pathological anthracosis as a pigmentation of the

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should never be given in sufficient quantity to produce these effects.

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a sort of natural fusion there certainly exists between the solid

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called Tourniquet methods of pressure on the Arteries amp c.

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abscess gangrene and foreign bodies of the appendix

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cines not only for effecting this but also for relieving the pain. Greater

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ative procedure have been fully mastered so that what

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land area. If other land areas lie in its neighborhood this transfer

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peritonitis. A rare cause in children is extension through the diaphragm

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The Finance Comnlittee has appropriated the funds required