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March 1st, 2011

saving in hydrotherapy does not depend upon a diminution in the number

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tenotomy upon the little patient s mother for a pronounced

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injections of 20 per cent carbolic acid in glycerin StolOmiu.

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without much difficulty it then became annoying and in order to

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tion of adhesions and the definitive healing of the intestinal wound.

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corder of facts thus attaching to the book the two chief and requisite

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COTYLOPHORA Mont. 1888a 84 93 for Tn matoda cotylophora Dies. 1858e 312

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diphtheria are sufficient to justify a review of the following

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sufferers may be plasterers cement labourers and lime

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therapeutics. Conditions of excitement such as delirium

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trunks should they be tender and rhythmical exercise of the affected mus

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sections is being drawn up by an Arrangements Committee consisting partly o

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M. Krishaber concludes that it would be possible to introduce into the

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the discharges. No general ruica for this can bo gtren. Wo tt

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other determined by consideration of the age at which

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country nine millions of whom being people who were

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gives an historical account of the various terms which

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in stock. In a similar way supplies received from European sources arrived

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During the attacks of dyspnoea violent vomiting sometimes

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inferiorly for a gauze drain and above this an ample opening for the

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along the lateral margins. There is no caput medusa. Epi

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liberty until this medical monopoly measure is overwhelm

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seems to be a something in us all more or less which impels

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capable of producing general arterial excitement. Its chief medicinal

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veins and with hernias. The subsequent trouble loss of

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e. Characteristics. 1 The head louse ordinarily remains attached

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Popular horribili ac pestilent Gutturis et anne.xarum

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disease progresses. In the case of Bagot v. Bagot Irish Probate

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the fifth to eighth day after disappearance of pyrexia.

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emetic may be given if the animal is one susceptible to emesis

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Wochenschr. details a series of cases which had all been preceded by

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we have a case where months intervened where a history was

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them so by simply regulating the patient s life and habits. No matter

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adopted by the Commissioners for general use. It must

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was not clear that the species had actually established

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at first contemplated although the number of beds re

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reviewed the course of treatment such injuries received

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The observations which my friend Dr. Sutton has made

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additional pieces of the tibia and fibula. In all of

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opinion the knowledge of the means by which this result

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not always kill the bacilli a temperature of 85 C. 185 F. is

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Flatau of Berlin has studied the various forms of vocal disturb

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and inasmuch as many important decisions as to dispositions have to be

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tion. To these the general constitutional affection and the probable results

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by palpation the thickened appendix and limit tenderness on pressure to

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a Highland piper. The building occupied is the ground

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writes Sieroshevski Thes rama zesses have greater power

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Porpora a pupil of Scarlatti teacher of singing and composer was

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When such pain is so situated that local treatment is inconveniently

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the Section over which I have had the honour of being

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when the patient is under fifteen years of age it is proba

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character to that ejected naturally except that it was only moderately

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extensive collections quite regardless of the fact that a sketch or

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in. It was then drawn out by reversing the position being a little


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unusual demands on he time and attention of the members

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ried woman who without the slightest warning was delivered of a child

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or epilepsy or is attributed to congestions. But M. Fabre is

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quality of sensation is observable. Closure of the nostrils

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he continued to improve but some weeks later when his

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is sometimes objected to will be found to be ahnost en

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The tube once in place with the fifty five centimetre ring at the