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March 1st, 2011

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afcites, and lays down the following directions for its application.

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laymen and one particularly fine talk by a member of

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natorum. These ]K>int8 are already fairly well settled

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integrity of the nerve muscle. This old theory, however, does not seem to obtain

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system, producing dulness of the mental faculties, a disposition to sleep,

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Maxson was the first graduate medical education trainee in

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Med. Jour., 1890, 1520. Robinson, Bull, de la soc. de med. prat, de Paris, 1890,

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which produces the so called chronic or asthenic inflammation, described

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The semi-annual meeting of the Vermont State Medical Society will

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further observations. The following are the cases in which the use of

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any treatment. Condurango given when there is anor-

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matter how much the line of vision — ^the line in which the eye is looking —

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js disinclined to move about. Very little exercise gives rise to

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does not favour eserine. Hypodermic subconjunctival injections of

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inner surface of the capsule small processes pass from side to

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school preeminently the school of the future the Materia Med-

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' Vtdfi American Journal of the Medical Sciences, No. for April, 18(35.

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Chlorpromazine, when used concomitantly with propranolol, results in increased plasma levels

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to four minutes, washed in water, dried in the air, and mounted

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