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March 1st, 2011

which greatly annoyed her bowels not regular tongue less

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flow findings and the early blood pool findings were

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which diminish the secretions and retard gastric peristole

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Beneficial Changes in the Naval Medical Department.

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vesicular at the end of the third umbilicated at the

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but the alkali production is not noticeable so early as with

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tween a solidification of the lung from pneumonia and the distress consequent on

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Assisted by his colleagues Dr. Hunter Professor of Physiology

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bly of metabolic character or related to some chronic nervous im

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Where artificial feeding has been employed in animal experi

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must also be remembered that feeding on grain is a purely

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Trichinous Disease. This condition is not infrequently attended by

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Special attention was given to this question of marks by the

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This absorption may be determined by various cases.

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a daily examination of all pupils were made by competent

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the jaundice and the increasing weakness pointed to a dia

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It should be the aim of the therapeutist both by internal and

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have never known this disease but only because all land

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the intracranial cavity the hemorrhage is likely to

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duced and in this way secure a thorough cleansing of the

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of Agriculture Secretary of the Missouri Valley Veterinary Associa

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of one piece a longitudinal slit is cut the edges out of the

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good constitution who had lived in Paris for three years and had from

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ing from the front of the trachea came from behind the oeso

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Richard P. Strong professor of tropical diseases at the

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of Biermer s definition which comprehended conditions originating

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Since no protozoa were at this time found in biting flies and since

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Bless me was the reply wasn t I once the physician to the