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March 1st, 2011

The treatment consists of improvement in the general condition

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laxed and easily dilated. The second stage lasted forty-five

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noble pioneer work and deserves an imperishable monument.

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siderable distance, weakening its walls, with resulting rupture and intra-

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the murmur is not seldom Avidely transmitted. This murmur sometimes

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singular susceptibility of the local muscular fibers to spasmodic con-

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the result of central cataract. Objects can either not be seen at all or

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development of the skin eruptions. (4) Period of secondary symptoms

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of Cortes (Morrow). Blanc states that there are 75 to 100 lepers in

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long walks or other severe muscular exertion may be undertaken. In

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rhagia may occur, and petechial spots, especially on the lower extrem-

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be used advantageously, owing to the difficulty of early diagnosis,,

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ration and rupture of varicose veins at the vesical neck ; and in the

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and even hysteric. Under careful management these cases ordinarily

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Spasmodic action of the vesical compressor may be relieved by the

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twenty-four hours may measure several quarts (2 to 4 liters) in well-

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of ^'•bacterial alhuminuria.'' Warburg^ reported a case of chill and

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Nephrectomy is the only operation which will be of much avail in

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markation progress, the parts drop off bit bv bit, and fever may attend

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of the portal circulation caused by tumors, cardiac, hepatic, and pulmo-

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(ascending neuritis), or it may be primary. The latter variety is rare,

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with, chiefly involving the cortex, particularly that of the frontal or pari-

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feature. When a tumor appears, it occupies the upper tAvo or three in-

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bony canals. Weir Mitchell believes this to be due to irritation of the

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stant, but is worst just before micturition, by which it may be alleviated.

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ternal hemorrhage, with pain referred distinctly to the epigastrium, and

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€ommon. Aphasia, hemiplegia, hemianesthesia, and peripheral neuritis

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treatment is the same as has been recommended for purulent pericarditis.

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draws the mediastinum toward itself by its own retractile energy. Osier

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pharynx ; the vegetations may thus be felt blocking the vault.

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ished in quantity : and aceto-soluble albumin may be present (Clifford