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March 1st, 2011

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lyn. Treasurer, Edward S. Coburn, M.D., 91 Fourth Street, Troy.
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ing self-possession, she inspires her patients with hope,
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Splinters increase the size of the focus by 4 to 20 centi-
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and one who has for years worked with higher powers than has
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time to carry them to completion. The citizens of Buffalo owe to his
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of the throat. The tonsils were swelled and specked; the uvula
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of the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 1901 he was elected mayor
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papers and lectures, and was besides the author of some other works,
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Except in the cases which are preceded by acute articular rheumatism,
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only source from which knowledge is to be had to guide us
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say that potentization cannot be over-reached There is a point,
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Death; Autopsy" (Trans, of Amer. Otol., Soc, 1903).
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the time of intercourse must be chosen when the wife's sexual
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and the American Institute of Homoeopathy. He has a
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This patient resided twenty-five miles distant, in the country :
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I desire to offer a few suggestions from intimate knowledge
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the one which, without question, is the identical remedy best
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which patients generally place in the giving of medicine, will
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part's ligament) to the great trochanter on one side, to the
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In i88a he was appointed visiting gynecologist of Belle-
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is not practical. Allow me as briefly as possible to illustrate our
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invited to become a resident of the hospital, then located at Second
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tion we hear on all sides. It is, perhaps, the most important
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to study surgery in the great hospitals, and in 1883 became Pro-
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are afterwards united by curved lines to the great and lesser
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ourselves that this adoption of crude homoeopathy by old-school
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New York, December 5, 1827. His ancestors emigrated from England
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the theoretical deductions of the closet student. In the performance
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this position at the outset, his predecessor had sought, in the
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symptoms of diabetes, which have, however, entirely disappeared. She
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into the composition of the vertebrae will explain the greater ten-
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since it would certainly seem that success justifies their use,
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plained of a bruised pain in the lower portion of the right lung.
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the eventful years back in the eighties when gynecology was passing
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where he lives, and which had commenced its fatal progress in
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anxiously after our patient, and was surprised to hear that she
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which is not equally satisfactory to the Massachusetts Medical
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