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March 1st, 2011

and it remained well for one month but then the mark broke out

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imity to the wrist joint and especially that relating

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fart of the eye attended by hypopyon. Under atropine the right pupil

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irregularities were alleged. In the course of a year.outof more

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preferred and used in the proportion of one of the sulphide to

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by lateral gliding flaps. Of course like the older flap

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cells or fibrous tissue predominate. Gelatiniform cancer an example of

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the usual water pan in the casing. Our hardwood floors and furniture

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Unquestionably syringomyelia whether accompanied by gliosis

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ration of the medical history of the war adopted this term

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Many different incisions have been planned since the papers of

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stomach as a local irritant furnishes us with the most familiar

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conduct it for a period of years. It lies 200 feet above

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musky scent anthers yellow. Berries globose black about the size of

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motor inhibition the pseudo stupor may depend upon definite hallucinations

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them to avoid alternate bands of shadow and light. Set

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that is the tradesman must be credited in his medical

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state of coma that the man s condition seemed well nigh hopeless. A

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toneum produced but it seems as if increase of congestion is almost

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excavated dots externally whitish yellow and smooth internally and

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as to amount of caseous tissue present is ccmcerned. The diHiculties

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two animals which may have an important bearing upon the possibility

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primary seat of the disease namely the liver. What is the cause of

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son will corroborate this statement A young man of marked

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histologically distinct from the thyroid though they resemble em

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respiration. On the other hand it is remarkable how very quickly and

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or asexual in his social activities. Boys and girls

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bacillus identification of by reactions produced in

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OF all the Stxigiformes there is none so interesting from the

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ferer from hereditary asthma in his graphic description notes the fre

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case of superficial epithelioma in which it was positively in.iurious

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the evacuation of such an enormous quantity of pus. There must

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indication for its use and am convinced that in nephritis mercury

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the area of any Branch shall forward his application

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of surgery and cocaine local anesthesia became quick

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cause of the respiratory troubles accompanying it. All cardiac

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arrest of digestion in hibernation by passing bite of meat down the

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ful if any relation other than coincidence or a mutual dependence upon

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attendants might be called to any place in the Army area to bring

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in regard to the disinfection of hands clothing bed

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Hlava succeeded in inducing dysentery in cats and dogs by

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of what he understood was meant by angina pectoris

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i Surgeons are allocated in the respective districts. He

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for treatment under the laws for the relief of the poor

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susceptibility of the patient less or more according to the amount of

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almost always with anatomical lesions of the second stage of Bright s

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for an adult acts promptly and effectively if treatment is given at the

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of the front leg. The pulse will be quickened and the animal

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RouBAUD E.. H6matophagie larvaire et afflnit6s parasitaires d une

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indigestion or in acnte iuilammation of the alimentarv tract

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terized by swelling and tumefaction of the whole arm on exertion. My patient

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Twelve eases of obliteration of function from pressure and bruising of

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the vagina is incised with a knife and the abscess opened with

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Advice to Students Address at the opening of the Medical

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head or malaise. It never interferes with digestion

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and in various parasites of lower animals as Haemoproteus

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tually have recourse for the solution of every clinical problem

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hospitals from rural Maryland for treatment. On tlie whole

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in 1 and in the mesenteric lymph glands in 2. It has

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variable in location aud often in a situation where they

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the uterus and Anally divides into two branches one for

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twice explored for fluid with negative result. The mass increased in size and

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beginning the attacks became less frequent. The treatment was

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writer found it connected with the attachment of larvae of oestri