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March 1st, 2011

A. Heys (with distinction), P. T. Hughes, W. H. Hunter, T. H.
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that the council of every county shall appoint and pay a
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Erratum.— Dr. S. Edward Jones writes to say that he has not been ap-
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the air in the respiratory tract leads to the opening out of the
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syringe without my instructions. Should symptoms of blood poisoning
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on the editorial staff of the Fortschritte der Medici?/, in which
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In Swatow even snow fell freely, and the whole country was
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one of the founders of the Riga Poets' Association, aged 83 ;
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should communicate by letter with Professor Roy, Patho-
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works. The great Cairo liospital seems to be a counterpart of the mythical
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forward their remittances to the General Secretary, 429,
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point, and should be aided by very great care and accuracy in
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and he complains that this statement may give a wrong im-
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DOW a considerable amount of experimental evidence, but
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rates tlie electricity for lighting this theatre and the Vaude-
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(as will be Sf en by the extracts we have given) the style might
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(A) Dr. F. J. Allan, London ; Mr. C. E. Abbott, Braintrec ; Mr. A. W. An-
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had oeen harsh, and that the charge ought to have been dropped. The
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of the conclusions drawn as to the duration of incubation,
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Practically, the Medical Staff is the only department
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that due care should, of course, be taken in the transport of persons
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The figui'es I have also refer to epidemics of small-pox at
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frequent intervals come to London to look up friends and beat
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Temperature (morning) 103°, (evening) 100.8° ; pulse 120, and
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subsequent unrolment there, its purport became evident,
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castle-upon-Tyne , G. Stonehouse, College of Medicine, Newcastle-
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morning while lasting some butter and some milk of a woman suckling a
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small ; there was no perception of light. The other was in a
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time ^he had taken iron frequently with some temporary benefit, but had
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tity is generally greater in the case of women of darker com-
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thev were not entitled, and that they forthwith agreed to do so ; that they
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formula, in the hope that he may by its aid be equally suc-
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irritation is likely to be created by the sudden yielding of the
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given. I think it would be as well if correspondents on this
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on ; we further observe that, for the above munificent fees, the unfor-