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March 1st, 2011

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diphtheria his health was much shaken he thought some
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another day without it is a form of sharp practice which should
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of the abdominal ganglia and nerves produce actual changes in
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Early cases i. e. with a duration of less than a year and
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Department. Dr. Hoskins then put it in the form of a motion
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normality in the volume of the pulse was made out elsewhere.
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disinfectinjjf it with liquefied carbolic acid. Decalcified bone chips
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thickened the internal lamina was necrotic. The media and adventitia
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erinary medicine in the State which all our readers know.
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a committee to attend the next convention of the State Sanitary
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Greeley in vaccine treatment are first the watch for reaction that should
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is treated under the heads of infectious diseases industrial and social
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and infiltration of the tissues congestion and even hremorrha
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to discuss bovine obstetrics both practically and scientifically.
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On motion of Dr. Hollingsworth of Ottawa seconded by Dr.
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cinated and then inoculated with small pox virus a few days
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missionaries from foreign fields whether physicians or clergy
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prevalence of the corresponding so called tunnel workers dis
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Wounds of the arms or legs complicated with fractures and
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heard at the base of the organ. The second sound is dull. A
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bandaging the uterus with a clean cotton bandage 9 yards long
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Veterinary Medical Association of New Jersey at Trenton.
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in the subarachnoidal space a large echmococcus cyst w as found
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of the American Museum of Natural History is at present engaged in
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of the trouble and questioned the owner as to what he had been
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I mb is best secured when what Gould calls the irreducible
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cyanid tungstate and phosphomolybdate took place. Precipita
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ence either in the number attacked or severity of the disease.
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