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March 1st, 2011

genesis on the part of the recipient bone itself. For many
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lard on hand as a lubricant preparatory to reduction. The
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patella performs the mysterious feat of slipping out again
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much more severe anemia which is repaired much slower than in the
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physicians is needed to accomplish this desired result.
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Chlorosis I am doubtful since the microscopical examination of
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when they are broken up into islands by the ingrowth of con
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lation. The disease may start at any time during life and
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hour apart of 5 grammes of a solution of phenic acid 2
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In this case the adhesions alone were insurmountable and it
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and is open to other interpretation. If the patient should react
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tertained as to the breadth of purpose of this organization in
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The Treatment of simple fractures is sometimes a matter of but
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ing seemingly in good condition. For these reasons I think
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American Veterinary College and the New York College of
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Interest of the medical profession in the condition under discussion
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three fistulous openings on outside quarter of hind foot. 6
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pressure over the trunk j.bove the site of ligature should first hej
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turity was responsible. Forty eight per cent of the total deaths and 66
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Critchlow thinks however that while this method has much
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area the reuiainder of the carcass being in a healthy condition
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inants such as goats deer camels etc. The quarantine period
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Chapter XIX. Where treatment by counter irritation and
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tundra or barren ground conditions with the appearance during
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sclerosis of the surrounding structures leading to compression the patient f 1
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this symptom is absent the diagnosis cannot be made. Whether or not a
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of in this Commonwealth shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and
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The newer methods of managing gonorrhea have not wholly displaced
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When Dr. Rutherford invited the Association to Ottawa he
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amputation should be undertaken. The question of shock
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tuberculosis With pigs particularly but probably with all
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and intestines becomes engorged with blood leading to vomiti
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