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March 1st, 2011

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weakened his position. It is, however, difficult to explain away their
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the wound; on the other hand, it is evident that in septicaemia the
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cal education be undertaken more completely, so that girls may by
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A STATBD Meeting of the Counsellora of the Massachusetts Medical Society will ba held at the
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corresponding parts on opposite sides of the body, and between the tem-
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slowing of the blood stream, and probably increased blood pressure;
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intestinal obstruction already quoted is an instance in point, and other
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the child who requires a moist, equable climate, with warm winters and
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liaimorrhages the case is spoken of as the haemorrhagic form.
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surgeoncy in the Company's service, the probability is that he will have
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gan ; the entire absence of any mark of distinction, upon dissection^ be-
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degree of Doctor of Medicine, replete with good sense, and every way
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probably (as Andral observes), with electrical states of the atmosphere,
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are mostly pleasant, and may be useful in cases of arrested phthisis,
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It is apparent that in one sense indication c includes a and 6, In
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doubt, however, tbat the apocynum is an article of great value as a
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characteristic symptoms of any infection are due to toxins ; therefore
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p. 810. — 19. UscHixsKi. CentruJb. f. B. u. P. xiv. 10, and Bv chn er, Miinch. med.
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analgesia may be able to feel the touch of the electrode, though uncon-
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failed, so that there is a near limit to the scope of the serum treatment, even
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serting that the domestic animals are equally liable to the same malady,
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temperature rises rapidly ; there is often a more or less severe rigor, the
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animal can live if its food be deprived of salts. It has been suggested
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been made to show that it was wanting in anything necessary to carry
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desirable. The most rational classification of the various movements is
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muscle fibres, presents the appearance called "goose skin." When the
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2. Chemistry of the Cholera Vibrio. — A few words on the nature of
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tum also, lose their power. The duration of tbe actual fit is commonly
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localities are between 3000 and 1400 — Scliluchsee, Titissee, St. Blasien,
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through the vascular walls, and large collections of the cells in the peri-
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stimulants on the nerves and blood-vessels of the skin, and this stimulus
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and fat. It discharges nitrogen by the kidneys, carbon chiefly by
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Dear Sir, — An article in your Journal relative to an operation per-
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sense, denoting not mere touch only, but also any form of infection or
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86 Dieffenbach on the Cart of Vesico^Vaginal FUtula.
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but as yet it has not been generally adopted by English writers.
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Hamilton confidently declares that ' copious bleeding alone prevents the
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the tissues and by increased tissue metabolism, is the safest and best way
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gone ; skin cooler, and more moist ; countenance not so anxious ; still
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A regular course of recitations and e.x:iininattons will include all the required professional works.