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March 1st, 2011

hydrochloride is much safer and as efficient an analgesic as
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Although our patient bore the operation very well and her pre-
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of the Aberdeen Medical Society in remembrance of early days.
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clearness of his language. To this directness and simplicity of
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Recognizing the above to be true, thousands of sufferers are sent
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and he had the confidence of his fellow-citizens in an eminent
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in the darkness, we have buried the simple key to the mystery of
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home and friends, but that in their later ocean travel
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so-called Biermer^s anemia includes a heterogenous group, while true
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or even eight pints daily. This excessive action of the
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Immediately after birth the head of the infant appears more or less
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held out horizontally by one end, just like a tiny twig of
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Uncomplicated Duodenal Ulcer. Differential diagnosis; man-
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Among rarer sequclte of chronic obstruction may be mmtioned: (a)
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negative. Over both lower extremities are pin-head purpuric spots. There
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lows: Paralysis agitans, general paralysis, mercurial
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powerfully stimulated into action, still less that we should act violently
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superior portion, and at the inferior extremity of the right and middle
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shed. The scalp in the aftected region is atrophied,
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igina pectoris, I now believe were arterial phenomena. We are ordi-
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Terms. Tickets to a full Course of Lectures (until graduation,) $100 in ad-
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power to work with, the great desideratum has been to
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must confess at present no further acquaintance with the
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been allowed tea and coffee, and that fried dishes,
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for some time at the City Hospital with temporary benefit.
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political propaganda in one city 300,000 "leaflets" are to be
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pairs, but in the middle line, one behind | patient could arrest the pulsations; but
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immigrants, either separately or as a supplement to the
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INVESTMENT OF A FEW MI precious as sight" that give your patients some basic
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bring about a secondary cancer, it is absolutely necessary that the
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present day the slightest provision made for isolation.
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syphilis. Willigk, in 1,317 autopsies of tubercular cases,