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March 1st, 2011

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country ; but this is the exception, not the rule. In fact, we
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The air is a fuel to consume carbon and to emit carbonic acid gas ; and is used for
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Present Century. By Sir WnxiAU FsBOUBSOir, Bart., &c. &c. . . 412
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because they have left the path of virtue, in the absence of a husband, and would
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Catarrh is perfectly curable under the proper treatment. A use of my Catarrh
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would soon be destroyed by overwork. The presence of nitrogen, therefore,
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them, and its final abandonment was followed by permanent
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cided to a certainty if there be a frog in the stomach, and having determined the
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from a pin thrust in the leg, the want of food in the stomach, a fever in the system,
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disease is not a skin^affection in the correct sense of the
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the heart. Blood, mostly clotted, in sparing quantity in the left
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and of its clinical value. Surgeons at home will peruse it with
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from a diseased mouth before it enters the stomach and is thence diffused into the
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region. There is swelling and tenderness in both feet and
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pulmonary consumption, with statistics connected with its rise, progress, fatality in
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in the three large cities mentioned in this country than that, had by the Londoners,
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which and through which the tumours have been evacuated,
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sunshine by the adjacent mountains. It is, however, proposed