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March 1st, 2011

eight hours. The number applied should range from one and a half

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balanitis in the male ; (6) neuritis (especially double sciatica), diabetic

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treating a section with compound iodin solution (Lugol's) the color

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vidual cases after the exclusion of foreign bodies as the possible cause.

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In pancreatic carcinoma the tumor is always fixed ; there is an absence

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are restored. Muscle protection may be secured by light braces

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brane may cause the development of carcinoma ; and especially has this

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though their recognition is difficult. The liver, unless primarily in-

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The relation that these affections bear to syphilis will be indicated in

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gouty subjects can distinctly trace their ailment to an hereditary taint,"

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on most commonly in a day or two. The admission of air might alone

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contain bacteria. Engel has found a great variety of organisms in the

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former is usually found enlai-ged, lighter in color than normally, and of

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suffering human kind. My heart is full that I am privileged to

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cases of pseudo-paralysis due to syphilis in the new-born.


great anxiety and faintness, occurring at irregular intervals. Some

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In the gastric digestion of the albuminoids (proteolysis) the proteids

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vigor of the left ventricle, though chiefly upon the condition of the

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occasioned by certain debilitating causes and chronic diseases that are

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ferric chlorid, a violet color appearing. The patient is given 15

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yzed or Blaud's pill, or, with those who prefer the organic preparations,

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of the other side of the brain. In well-marked cases the movements of

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of cases, though in the later stages it may be nearly or quite normal,

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inspection. The patient should be in the recumbent position, the lower

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Liq. ferri et ammon. acetat., q. s. ad 5iij (96.0). — M.

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that produce the catarrh also produce the undue peristaltic movements.

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panied by much anxiety. The case was then retaken and the fol-

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The characteristic features of the invasion are abdominal pain, fever,

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of the retina, and, in consequence, temporal hemianopsia. This condition

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accelerated breathing, marked thirst, scanty urine, great anxiety and