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March 1st, 2011

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With regard to lodge practice and the plebiscite, when you take that plebiscite, what
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Sec. 5. That within the Department of Health there shall be the fol-
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A very large number of illustrations are found in every part. Several of
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The Stenographer read : "And who was it, I wonder, that got Mr. Ross to do that?
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of the Institute such changes and additions as the Committee
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or less extended conference with our colleague, Dr. William H.
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against him, is the evidence of Miss Ruth M. Day, the young woman in charge of the place.
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wide acceptance it was demonstrated by Senger to be merely
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in regard to diet. It is best to drink at least one glass of cold water
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that they prescribed them from the directions in " Munyon's Guide to Health," knowing
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onstrate whether Hahnemann uttered a vagary, a notion, a false
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and study of all who are contemplating studying abroad.
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celebration was planned, were Dr. Wm. Keim, of Philadelphia, president;
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After a rather careful examination of this book we fully agree with
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unlikely that any two people out of a dozen will make exactly the
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And whereas it is expedient that any member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons
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The advantage in this method of preparation lies in the fact
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The question carries either a lack of sincerity or woful lack of
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tions of axis cylinders. Bonfiglio sees in the centra] nuclear-like
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Having recognized, or thinking that we recognize, an early
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Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica. By James Tyler Kent, A.M.,
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lin is productive of good results, even if the treatment is somewhat irregular
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self prepared for the fifth time to herald with no uncertain clarion
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of them be abandoned. With each of these different methods ex-
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the disease will run on for years in spite of all you can do.
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Practical Hygiene. Parks & Kenwood. $3.50. P. Blakiston's Sons
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the bowel and fill the head" at the same time, is the height of
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they are the prints of the same person ; if they are not identical they must
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