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March 1st, 2011

have we seen a positive reaction in our series of 113 observa
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the method and in 1906 they published the results of their first
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itual accomplishments of the race I think one can list them
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he showed up lame in left front foot and upon examination it
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have chronic glanders. I could not decide the question as I
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axis notably in the mid brain the medulla oblongata the dorsal
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tion unless it has been disinfected apply stitches as close as pos
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for the initial injections. We tried in every way to keep the
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moment of death to expire in some corner far from their habitual
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Kansas City Mo. on Thurday evening March 12 and there
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the blood flow produces a clot at the spot where the nutrition
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Some believe that the present plan of restriction can be made effi
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an acute injury caused mechanically to the peritoneum renders it more
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the meninges while the fluid is in contact with them.
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volume. Sometimes we see what appear to be swollen cell bodies
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these albuminous bodies were the same in human and in cows
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plished along the lines of preventive medicine only 3 cases in
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to such an extent as to render them innocuous. Warm wati
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dies and is especially associated with any obstruction on the si
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in sliape of somewhat unequal consistency and on firm pressurJ
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thin pellicle slightly adherent and upon which grows a pure
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cessive layers of chewed straw about 2 j inches long all the
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j rowth and contraction of the fascia inflammatory in nature and
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from which may be developed any form of cutaneous appendage J
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played wounds have not been properly cleansed et cetera et cetera so
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volved they must be removed as also any offending teeth.
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