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March 1st, 2011

northern and in the southern provinces of the peninsula. Santander
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tion on the eye whilst it is inflamed is positively prejudicial ; but
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down, and rebuilt upon a more spacious and convenient scale. The seats should
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Surely an infiltration of the parenchyma of the lungs by cancer
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crust began to come off in large flakes. Within a fortnight nine-
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cherished idol of her soul, to please parents or to secure wealth. Almost the certain
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Movements of the thigh on the pelvis, leg on the thigh, and
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sac which surrounds the heart, to secrete ami contain the vapor of the pericardi-
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no man or woman would like to look back upon an insane, a dissipated, or ghastly
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thing, if I may be allowed to judge from observation, it is the legitimate fruit of
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be observed from the injection of atropia or of morphia. This is
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this nature. They will restore the stomach to right condition and the blood to its
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a little more temperate than their own, but they are enabled to
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have breathed upon this stratum of coloured corpuselea; and so little
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the form of fine greyish-coloured opaque stripes, the grey substance of the cord
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state, they will love them still ; and although they be lost to humanity and useful-
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blood-pressure is said to have ranged between 140 and 160 mm.
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habits that have become prevalent in civilized, refined and fashionable society ?
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bility that under favorable circumstances the pus may be
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to correct any harm that may have been done. A few examples
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characteristics, evidence of an infantile uterus and an eye ex-
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Tuniiian coast, where the disease then existed. Some fhgitives from Tunis had
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be taken by the reception of a letter written by a patient some thousands of miles
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troubled, and one which requires the most skillful treatment and perfect knowledge
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follow operative intervention, at least in the functional sense
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day, and thru use the German Ointment. For the barber's itch, the beard
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the treatment of curable or recent cases ; and this cannot be
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Complete roentgenographic examination of the gastro-intestinal
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Gait. — The gait is normal and no abnormaUties were brought
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in chills even in July; but the making a round sum puts the "blues" to flight, and
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of precautionary measures in any locality, which may be threat-
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and show at last two nuclei in each cell* The little streak is gene-
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cold bathing of the lower extremities when warm, iced chinks during the period of
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And brothers and sisters, and friends and relatives generally, feel a pang when a
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The results are also shown in Table III. The plasma sugar
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and thus their bent position, with all this superincumbent weight from above,
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fiuth in these later times. To his father. Dr. John Beatty, is
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cial articles which it contains, we shall notice only onc^ that en-
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Nature herself, and that the proboscidate member of the "human face divine"
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which increases the animal heat, whereby the pores of the flesh are electrically
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The lecture closes with an account of the Lymphangioma
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But consciousness is only a something superadded —
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trigeminal nerve ; in the vagus nerve, which seemed somewhat attenu-
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relief, and sometimes alone effects a perfect cure. Used in connection
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ance could be brought up to something near the former level.