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March 1st, 2011

the local board of health was undertaken by medical officers of the
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come under the notice of every medical practitioner than to special
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There were 16 cases of acute endocarditis 2 of these ulcerative and 3
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Graham Bread One Loaf. Wheat flour 1 cup Graham flour 2 cups
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which lime they have been rcinfinvcd from time lo time Uy.successive
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the operation has removed the astragalus thirty two times within
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Heart blood cultures of the 89 necropsies gave the following results He
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on three legs and even his mouth may be kept away from the
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K em. above the symphysis. It contracts at intervals of fif
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in their lower portions. The pulse was 120 the respirations thirty six
One of the most difficult complications to manage is the
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work of the medical officer of these schools he should be
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absence of carcinomatous involvement. Halstead found that
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the head through the vulva witli the occiput posterior and always
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welfare Is the debt of parent to child not greater than that of
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and the Council of the American Association for the advance
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from pneumonia in which the day after entry we discovered by
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Morveau Guyton On the Means of Purifying Infected Air translated
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tians. The LXX and Vulgate with too generally corrected
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world have devoted their enterprise to the production of
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the cases in which there is naturally alow mortality
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the soil aff ords. Wonderful stories are told of the distances which
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to those that brought into use history properly so called as the
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cancerous it only aggravates it and it may excite cancer
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their nerves and the local circulation becomes more free
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nerve was excised and submitted to Dr. Prout for mi
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need for individual study of each epileptic personality for
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the main entrance to the college is an auditorium and
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Hospital when five months of age with a sinus just below the
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removed from the centre of circulation and its susceptibility
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vestibular stimulation is then produced which normally
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tomatic the idiopathic catarrh usually being acute
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remedies during the paroxysm. For thirteen centuries colchicum has
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these inimical influences. The great mass of blood in the portal
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Senhora del Monte on the bill are the chief attractive
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on the indication of uremic manifestations whether they be
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surgical fusion is indicated in the presence of certain definitely demon
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sacrifice all his chance of promotion in the old country
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the rather remarkable effect of cocaine. The author is unable to
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The mess conducted for patients and their attendants experienced
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the cord was sloughing in the other the proximity of the
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general consciousness. So it may suffice to emphasize a few character
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of the cases which failed to show any improvement were under
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consciousness there occurred ringing in the ears and darkening
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afferent and efferent impulses travel along the lateral columns but that
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examination of the meconium that the foetus swallows considerable quanti
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with the medico legal aspects of birth. The information
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of fat in making curds large and indigestible by reason of their
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seu prima rius seu protopath icus seu orifjina lis
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of electric currents on the cardiac contractions. He
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of surgery and cocaine local anesthesia became quick
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ever long his conversation continued it was rich in
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be aided by the observation that the cardiac sounds are better heard at
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day of the Conference the annual meeting of the National
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and twisting suddenly and obstruction by gall stones is
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The graduation exercises of nurses of the Maryland General
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associated with it as might be expected and not infre
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not confined in Greece to the neighbourhood of large lakes. Of
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of sight and avoid a structure in it that is visible only
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bodies with the exception of sulphoeyanides from which the
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of the rooms of the residence was what might be called the picturesque
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perfect clearness if extended to a dozen others the first one
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Typhoid form In this form all symptoms point to a generalized
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but occasions a deep bluish black precipitate with a solution of the salts
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like movements. Can be worn by Ladies and Children with
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