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March 1st, 2011

sphincters act normally, but there is a disposition to retain excretions —

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intercourse is avoided. The diseases contracted by impure

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mediate cause of the mental symptoms ; in the third place, the two

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epidermis, even after the skin has been cleansed by antiseptic methods.

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associated with epilepsy ; and it is well known that men of mark and

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small papule of Hebra's original L. ruber, and will be referred to

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very likely to occur, than to the original disease.

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most exquisite torment. I dreaded it above all others, and knew before-

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precursors of migraine. In the dream these illusions are converted into

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(d) When it is desired to deliver drops as small as possible,

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which ordinarily are unconsciously performed (for example, intestinal

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compatible for recipients belonging to this group. It is for this

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lose their zymogen cell granules. Hodge has also proved the disappear-

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stances, and all debilitating influences removed. Persistent diarrhoea

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33. Sohott. Deutseh. med. Woch. 1890, xvi. p. 967. — 34. Schultze. Virchow's

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the morbid condition. Sometimes mercurials, and other drugs regarded

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and even to the face, and palms and soles, and the buccal mucous mem-

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tain extent with amulets, which Arabic word signifies any-

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3. Hysterical anuria. — Suppression of urine — "hysterical anuria" — is a

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sent into his breast from the pistol of Dr. Williams, who had

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like a note of exclamation (!). The thickening at the free end is but

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feet, change into smooth brownish plates raised above the surrounding

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as due to micro-organisms. Such cases are not true examples of

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Diagnosis. — From what has been said of the protean aspects assumed

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to be more profoundly stuporous ; yet on recovery he is frequently

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this moral. Inherited syphilis was traced in no more than 1*17 per cent

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his stumps, and made off with, an earthenware pot of trifling value and of

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appearance may be attended with soreness of the throat, and (when due

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rh' and rh". Such serums are not supplied through medical supply