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March 1st, 2011

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bile, or of convolvulin and glycocholate or taurocholate of soda,
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and greatly higher than any single observer has found.^ Here,
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anaemia, lukaemia asthma, grippe, bron- S^"^""^^' '^^"'^' ^'^ ^'-^^'1^ ^^^^"- ^^^'^
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pseudo forms that observed regular exacerbations and remissions
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ague, on June 13, 1869. He stated that he had had paroxysms
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abdominal organs. The disease is determined b}- a grayish-
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On Diet and Regimen in Sickness and Hecdth, and on the Inter-
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of an ill-tempered person as plainly as he will improve under the
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and unpopular study. The first edition of Dr. Althaus's work
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§ 173. Etiology. Jackson suggested, in 1S42, that the
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Indicated in all debilitated conditions of the nervous system, in neurasthenia,
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rapidly, we cannot well escape from the feeling that the strep-
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ecac, acetate lead and ginger. This was colon. June 5th, patient better, continued
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The Session of 1903-'04 Comprizes Two Terms. — The
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until the discharges have lost their watery consistence. The
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otherwise, from the throbbing in the labial artery, near the alae-
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a period of time, according to its typical character, which, if it be
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in the habit of bringing with them every day a ration of milk,
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involved, and the patient's life is in danger, amputation should
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Indicated in all infectious and toxic conditions, debility and tissue
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"vtr process, preventing extension of the of smaller size. A complete removal of the
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pseudo membranous exudations on abraded neys and other organs are seldom found
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importance, as it seldom fails to stop further increase, and wii
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They are both prominent medical gentle- the circulars or pamphlets. Plans to have
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to be an explanation of much more general has not been particularly noticeable in many
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patients than is generally supposed, and a we have to consider the uterus tube and
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contest occurring before the patient is overpowered and left
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6. Salmon. vSpecial Report on hog cholera, its History, Nature
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thesias and catheterization of the ureters The patient noticed thick ropey urine
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The Relationship of Man and Micro-Organ- eat. Common sense practical and sanitary
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ring in chronic rheumatism can be materially relieved by this
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be only transiently benefitted, and the deluded sufferer only falls back again
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the perineal opening should never be made thanks to the preserved vessicle sphincter
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Fero, by George T. Stevens, M.D. ; together with Notes of the
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regard the pneumonia as the primanry disease, and the pericardi-
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to such a soul. The same is true of a doc- But the third of our profession who are
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of the difficulty of preserving it, citric acid may be substituted for
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tagiousness, which was stoutly supported b}- the Veterinary
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the liver, which, by their enormous size, may enter the limits of
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the pelvis elicits tenderness and a desire to and in deciding what should be done and
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time dwindle, and the state of the cornea improve ; but it will
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to stimulate the kidney function. Accord- been large enough to emphasize the diffi-
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