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March 1st, 2011

cussion note over the front of the left side of the

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years. It was the duty of the sanitary inspector to

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J. naval medical reserve corps, adding to the argu-

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cleverly suggests the better name of "treatment of alimentary

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likely to impart color to the contents. Coffee, toma-

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glands with the same result. This observation points

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the permanently obvious influences of the "heavenly

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Chief Resident Physician, Philadelphia Hospital for the Insane.

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itary Bureau show a total for the season of 182,327 cases,

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of patients in their homes, but it is especially true

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health boards and school authorities with regard to start-

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in which there is no control, the evils resulting from

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noticeable in either cirrhosis of the liver or inter-

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— an evidence of internal ear implication, and a cir-

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say that up to the date of writing this there has been

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on both sides by the aqueous which is a lymph fluid, a fact which

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24. Revue medicale de la Suisse romande, Iv, 20, 1909.

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rapid and shallow breathing, cold perspiration, and

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narcotics was successfully and beyond question removed.

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air, on and near the surface of the earth ; and, more

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diat arsenic appears in the urine very quickly after

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its coagulation, iodide of potassium must be admin-

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of skeleton, slender but powerful. General nutrition, good.

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Edward G. Parker, Surgeon Charles St. J. Butler, and

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The eruption improved at tinu'S without specific treatment,

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ing very interesting facts, which will, I venture to

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sified and injected into the brain and into the peri-

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19. Discussion on Food Requirements for Sustenance and

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the function of the spinal cord, could we assure our pa-

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nursing in eye, ear, nose, and throat diseases. Now

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killed in difTereiil stages of the disease, and in each the

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