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March 1st, 2011

and comfortable but towards the middle of the night she again

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ships will be replaced with whole time well trained health offi

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be relied on. Ligature of the innominate trunk suggests itself as the

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tion become wadded up in the animal s mouth who would then

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Fig. 58. Diagrams ok Aneurismal Varix and Varicose Aneurism

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With it have been confounded certain mycotic poisonings

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in popliteal aneurism and in every case of obstinate pain of this

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there is less tenderness though the pain is constant.

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strength than that in which it is possible to use chlorinated lime

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cation of caustics lt. solid nitrate of siher a paste coinposidj

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War Department that.some of our old foes in Congress will

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by impaction of the fragments b From the fact that the main

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Oto Opthalmological Society sessions June 14 15 16 American Society

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mission since its organization in 1904 and was President of that body at

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im the surrounding tissues without any obvious inflammatory

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of this book which deal with the importance of exact diagnosis close

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the part of the intestines which has been made free the organ

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rule of practice which we are endeavouring now to establish is tlw strictest

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fed on modified milk and yet it has been shown by the results

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by pharmacists in dispensing. I personally do not believe that

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When the stage of cicatrisation is reached the granula

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up for lack of funds. The expense of it has heretofore been

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values as possible remedies for combating dangerous hypotension. He

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suggest the setting apart of an hour for the discussion of this

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healthy bracing situation especially at the seaside as for

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as it is often the case the participants are slow in advancing

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in an ordinary case about one and one half minutes that is

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iiar results occur after gonorrhoea and after typhoid and other

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the first place all affected animals should be isolated the well

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has been rather strongly contended by authorities upon Egyptian

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vation and legislation. He also incorporated in his report the