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March 1st, 2011

ious to puberty. The patient left the doctor returning after

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ever upon his request Doctor Jacobson also examined

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habit of adding sulphur to his cough prescriptions in all cases of chronic

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are now known to be caused by the bacillus typhosus

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Plenty of fresh air sponging of the face nostrils and mouth with

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ferer from hereditary asthma in his graphic description notes the fre

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A perfect restitution of the uterus to its normal condition is so seldom

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serum. By injecting guinea pig serum into another animal

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severe pain. It is marked by profuse watery faecal discharges which when

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our science is being rapidly accomplished. Diseases and their treatment are

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join him and when he shrinks back in terror the whole world ocean

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of neighboring tissues as in pneumonia and pleurisy or as secondary

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medical referees. The Treasury never kept its side of

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by pneumothorax the lung in a state of collapse the mediastinum

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Bcription has expired and that a prompt renewal is urgently requested.

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stood that approved societies which use his services shall

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been used with benefit and when an atomizer is not at hand disinfectant

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may be used a moderate opening being sufficient for the

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quantity of the basis is desired. It has two advantages. One

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bronchial system and one or another organism would be found in the bronchial

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left ear the drumhead was markedly retracted lusterless

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were closed and for two or three months all the dogs increased

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extractions at tlie New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. Healing

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Pathology. The gross changes are generally striking and essentially the

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as many more ancylostomes. But this is not an extraordinary

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or considerable friction. It is quite possible too that the

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had sometimes been successfully delivered of living

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cases six hours after dinner which is usually taken at

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delphia in 1870 when he volunteered his services to

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stroying parasite was at work and that it was the cause

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With the frequent occurrence of fatal infections from small wounds

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canal its closure is by apposition of its anterior and posterior walls j

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ture. Should the heart be found directly behind the point

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cardiac and respiratory. i.n increase in the amount of alcohol is advisable

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have come to the conclusion that the patient is suffering from

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heart musculature from purely nervous influences leading second

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Others have added the sensation of pricking in the fingers numbness in

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J. A. Witherspoon thought it doubtful if because a man got better

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Men dogs and cats act as carriers without obvious symptoms and

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varsan intravenously and intraspinally Swift and Ellis method

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dignities and principles known by themselves with the authori

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never speak of them with precision. The revexse of his account

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tion of aberrant forms in which certain characteristics

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in tuberculosis of the lung and of the mediastinal lymph glands.

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period of observation is considered ample. Hence it may be safely stated that

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indication that the trigeminus possesses no taste fibres.

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cooks and their purpose is to supply suitable hot meals to

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Upon these grounds we believed that there was actual disease

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ure and so confirmed. If you go into towns and cities where

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dipping the author gives the following formulae for dips. Three day

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Dr. Shaw in the Courier of Medicine. has an article upon

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for instance a patient suffering sistance of the race. It is an

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continued being more frequent in winter than in summer. Blood

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step calmly into the presence of a grave danger which their

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asking for testimony of reputable physicians who had used the

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parasol or some such award. But this is not essential to interest

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by the heart may have been preceded by an illness of greater

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A summary of the double plus reactions in relation to evidence

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ing soiled in the large hospitals at Manila and the convalescent

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Even in the milder cases the blood pressure values are often a Httle