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March 1st, 2011

soon lessened by hydrastine ; and the heart, after the cessation
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best intentions. Now consider the reverse of this : let well-inten-
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A Dangerous Intemperance. — The " Medical Counsellor " quotes the follow-
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surgeon at the Brooklyn Hospital, and since the opening of the
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out the facts better than any description. An inebriate was re-
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off mostly during the day. There was also a cold spot between
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present is secretary of the AVestchester County Medical Society. He
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abundant fine granulated protoplasm (Fig. 4, e). A still earlier stage of the
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Typ litis Fever. — In this disease the average mortality is,
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ultra-infinitesimal dilutions, I have already done them justice ;
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to make plans and estimates, our funds were inadequate for such
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He is a Icecn-eyed individual whose glance does not miss
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and personal characteristics. As he towered above the
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gagements of recruits ; generals in command are not called
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mined to have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the
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and drug therapeutics ; the knowledge of each and all being
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to i8gs he had the satisfaction of seeing the service in-
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city of Ontario, the capital of Wellington county, an inland port
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the starch granules into soluble dextrine. Such articles as rice,
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an impassable ditch between homoeopathy and Hahnemannian-
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also open the bursa of the olecranon, where suppuration is
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t-fSce, and he began the practice of medicine in Lancaster
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man with a large head, a large capacity for thinking, and
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sional cough ; breathing very slow and labored. Death at
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away from town. The comparatively high rate among French-
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convincingly that the paragraphs on this subject would by them-
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by Dr. William Pepper — and including in their contents papers
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tion of the articulations. They are very inferior to the
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fatal in twelve minutes, the mode and character of the action
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that department, and was present on the field at the battle
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" born at Perryville, Madison county, New York, June 17, 1823,
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serene heights of conscious perfection only scaled by the Eng-