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March 1st, 2011

had intermittent fever when a young man. He says he has often

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the skin, so that the margins of the ulcer are hid from view.

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the chief medical officer of their assi-n- "'", ''''''"^^ ^^^ ^^^!"^ 'f congested, with

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and pathological products ; (e) certain disorders of

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maculosa, scorbutus, haemophilia, etc , will ultimately be

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universally acknowledged difficulty of distinguishing between inflam-

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and attention to this may assist in diagnosis. Thus a preceding

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vex. Deep breathing produced distinct movements of the tumor,

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gum or pneumo- gastric, the spinal accessory of Willis, the phrenic or

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of voice culture are founded on some elaborate mode,

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Other observers, as Marchand (Pfluger's Archiv, 1878, p.

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sulphide, a more or less dark color, due to the formation

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boast of being "the last to lay the old aside." This is perhaps a vir-

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tense, penetrating, sickening stench, a feeble, thready pulse, cold, clammy hands

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peculiariy-distressing disease, as they cannot lie by for it. In most

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cination or by inoculation, but only by insulation."

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and precision in the description of the relation of the

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Babington tells us of a case in which half a pint was resolutely taken

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phur, and the dust of worm-eaten or rotten wood(y ).

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osmotic index of the blood, which so impairs the blood's reparative power

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of the voluntary muscles follows degeneration and atrophy of the multipolar

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Farnham case instituted by the Poor-law Board is to be con-

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vergence by means of prism exercises. Prisms should

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bloated and full feeling about the stomach and sides, which is

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magnesian variety. The great majority of calculi are

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tumor was found on tlie loft side. It was freely movable, and

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Schools. During the 13 weeks, October, 1898, to Febru-

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comparatively easy, and the increase is a geometrical

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other good things) said: "It is a pleasurable part that has fallen to me to

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cultures in most cases made the interpretation of the bacteriologic

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after the celebrated Weber, the oldest member of the

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having been stained with fuchsin. Localization of the lesions about the

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pain in the region of the ear and that half of the face affected, some-

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future work to give. It apparently is not due to the renal threshold