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March 1st, 2011

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Dr. Robertson then gave some account of the experi-

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Anterior Metatar^algia; Its Causes and Relief.— N.

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lesions by introducing typhoid bacilli into the blood serum

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cicatrix ; and the lost conductivity of the nerve fibers,

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before and after laparotomy in reference to the condition

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dition and those of the paroxysm. The pains develop

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with vaccines with a mortality of 3.2 per cent., while the

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combination in universities which have a medical depart-

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The Clinical Features of Status Lymphaticus. — Dr. 1..

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child of eleven years, in whom, about the tenth day

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toid process, with the appearance of slight edema at

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of chronic otorrhea in children involving both ears,

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and accompanied by a characteristic blood picture, and

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physiology. Two other branches, pharmacology and funda-

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tention that the bovine bacillus rarely found a favorable

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results show that resection of tuberculous hips in well-

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Chemistr)', Physiolog}- and Histolog}', Materia Med-

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vein, as practised by Carrel, gave perfect results in ani-