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March 1st, 2011

For the eradication of heartwater dipping of cattle alone is

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rounded tumor in the left lumbar region occupying nearly all

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The secondary branches of the circulatory tree occupy a

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surgery. Dr. John Holmes Smith was elected professor of

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of Mary or Barbara. For hereby apprehensions are made

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His practice gradually increased with referrals from

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state. When there is a good open yard shaded from the sun the

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that the proportion of acute deaths to recoveries increased rapidly and consist

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teric artery and that there was no organic stricture of

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ally loses his cough insomnia night sweats anorexia and so

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succeeded in horses and oxen viz. irrigation of the parts followed by

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the result of Delivery. Diseases of the Apparatus of Digestion.

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already on the market a remark which also applies to the

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maintained by the wearing of glasses which accurately correct the

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ample of the ancient primitive concept of making medicine

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man here will regard as a mark of progress and that is higher

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administered in time to be already circulating in the

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starvation in dysentery and accompanying some respiratory infections.

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enteritis was suspected. Convalescence was rather slow but the boy

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In the case of acute flexion the broken surfaces are brought

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missioners with tlie various Governments will in future

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of resistance being at the internal abdominal ring. The sac was not

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BisiNG Albert G. Contract Surgeon will report to the

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children will be epileptic. But if one parent is entirely

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Erect more or less branched suffrutescent. Branches somewhat com

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have had children the outlet is relaxed and a suitable exposure

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cells derived from follicles or corpora lutea. Similarly the

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otomy in cases of face presentation in which the waters

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Existing By law G8 to be amended by reading in lino 2

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without much dulness or signs of massing of disease with pretty large

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Erisman Professor of Hygiene in Moscow University is the

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thought there was much the matter with him consequently

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Section when he was eighty six. He had long retired from practice

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to the scabies of a Persian Goat the history of which was published

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modulation of his voice by means of the play of manifold

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Etiology. Eelapsing fever has a particular interest in that it is caused

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there may be a difficulty in reaching the vertebral body by this method.

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embrace organisms found to be responsible for diseases of

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This is a very conyenient and eicellent manual on obstetrics.

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favorable to this mode of treatment in cases of the

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in the rheumatic sciaticas possibly owing to the large area

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series. The right lung in this patient had been compressed.

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desired to appoint an outside official to do any work in

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being due to the preservation of the structural character of the blood

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centration increased and death became imminent. This amounted to as much

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have been imposed or conferred on sanitary authorities if this

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KTTBtion. TIte olijoctioit tbut 90 lurge uu effusion of blood eannot pa

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ftrafen wird. Hiermit fpringet cr von dem politifcben zu dcrgleicben

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be anxious to be off duty sooner than God wills is no

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tions of conscious individuals that regularities declare themselves

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Cavite Naval Station and ordered to Naval Hospital Yoko

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therapeutical indications in these conditions are to prevent

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ported as such to the Division of Contagious Diseases

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driven from our shores and diphtheria has also been conquered.

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forating ulcer in the anterior wall of the duodenum

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cell or set of cells can properly discharge its duty with

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THERE are many departments of inquiry whose scope is so well

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invaluable drug is often abused by being employed too

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pressure female civilian employees in the several hospitals laundered the linen

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ihey resemble various forms of mental diseases an lt l

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declaravit sed ex ipsis quoque cum hujusce canonicae Epistolae turn

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not guilty of the crime. At the same time the judges intimated

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and vomiting. An association of the disease with affec

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blowing soft and faint and is heard with greatest intensity over the lower

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ou the back with a shallow groove containing an oblong or

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as I entered the apartment. The placenta was removed easily a quarter

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Before relating these experiments however I would like to

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cough expectoration and vomiting and the venosity of the

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to the increase in the amount of raw and very rare beef

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testines are greatly distended. The material generally

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reaching practical importance for the present and future

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The disease nms its course within a moderate length of time although

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affords additional proof of the extent to which the

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Hospital where in the laboratory of Cole Dochez and Gillespie succeeded in

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