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March 1st, 2011

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2. From secondary lateral sclerosis. — I have met with many cases in

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Lectures at the Lond. Univ., &c., op. cit.) Re-

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possess the property of strongly exciting the urinary

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GIlRadiology Conference, Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m., UAMS Radiology Conference Room, #Ml/293.

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chest by means of the Roentgen rays, that portion of

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Arzt, Hanib., 1769, i, .307-320.— Unzcr (J. A.) & Pye

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thing as a motor car. The physician or business man of any sort,

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41. Puurunen M, Manttari M, Manninen V, et al: Antibody against

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my own care a patient who had been tapped for this disease thirty-

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order to estimate the amount of mineral ash in the urine the follow-

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Fig. 7. — Puffball {LycotJerdon vyathifovmc), side-view. Edible, iliree-fourths natural size.

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spector of factories. jMr. Coles is quite a young man ;

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this situation. Possibly the different physical conditions at the base of the

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she was kept absolutely quiet in bed. Her hemoglobin

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instance of it in which it presented an un- > partly on the results obtained by Dr. Jenner,

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life of virtue over one of sexual vice can be gathered from

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pregnancy if prisoner had wished it. The prisoners were acquitted. Admit-

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cannot easily be distinguished from each other represent distinct

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such selfish feelings quail, as the haughty tyrant before the mild genius

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in the University of Pennsylvania, described an exfoliation of the epi-

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men means of estimating the utility of the many vaunted

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turing and make a profit equal to that on patent medicines."

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is liable; combinations thus made by mathematical process are, to say

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second series included only nineteen cases of typhus and forty-eight of enteric

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long extract precludes the necessity of further quotation in sup-

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the large monocytes, and it may indeed be impossible to differentiate

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the changes in the nervous system being so marked at the time

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Thomson : Conductivity of Electricity Through Gases.

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" Young men of America, listen to the voice of one who

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In this connection acute suppuration must be separated

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greater than at this present time : a time which, in my opinion, will

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spots in the intercostal spaces close to the sternum, with

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