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March 1st, 2011

to peruse a collection of irrational and delusive hypotheses to-
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titioner as great a prestige or a richer financial harvest
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Asst. Prof. M. H. Richardson. "The Applied Anatomy and
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cated meningeal irritation, so that a lumbar puncture was deemed
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temperature, somnolence, and then wait for the result
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which had been formed before but which we indorsed, with the older
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the clinical observer, are equally entitled to deal with it.
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suffered from a slight attack of puerperal mania, and
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who have observed yaws in its native haunts. His great argu-
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rectus muscle, 3 to 4 inches in length. When required the /
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tlie apoplectic diathesis of aged persons, and his reports are
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renal pelvis, calculus, ureteritis, and peri-ureteritis. It is quite striking in
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American Society of Anesthesiologists’ “difficult air-
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importance of methods of examination which it is the
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coils of small intestines greatly distended and matted
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consists, practically, in doing 3 successive operations, name-
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route, and leaving the system henceforth incapable of its further produc-
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legal dissection, four-and-twenty ounces of stinking grey purulent
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to Garrod, man deprived of these drinks would never have
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consisted in the constant application of common oatmeal or linseed poul-
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Health and the care of ophthalmologists and trained
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sion from time to time as they arise. It will be a con-
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hnve bein noticed in Thk Joi;itNAi,, xxxvl. 1001, pp. 204, 1357,
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cines, it is not easy to judge of its individual action. It
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course out of the question to give definite figures in days, weeks,
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will pass through it without practically any pain, and those who are
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return of pain in the knees ; greatly relieved in shoulders, etc. ; the increased
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works of reference is still smaller. There is but little use
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The prognosis and tretdment are embraced in those of the disease causing
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Though usually a paraplegia, the paralysis may involve all parts of
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proofs of the benefits of inoculation. Further evidence on this
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for matriculation in many of our medical colleges consisted of a
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best. The idea conveyed in the term "eclecticism" has
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struck with the beauty of the wood-cuts. Rarely, if ever, have they
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tions (e. g., tonsillitis) are to be regarded as belonging to the arthritis defor-
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is the direct result of morbid processes of unknown
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or by letter. Patients admitted by letter present a higher death-
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reliable preparations for which this enterprising firm is already so
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seeing that she lay in the same unaltered state, I went to the
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lief does not come in about six hours, recovery is doubt-
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menstruated at regular intervals, the flow not being at first excessive.
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7. The eggs at the time of their expulsion exhibit the already
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eclampsia, in spite of the prognostic advantages claimed for his method of
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(When so organized from the presidents of such district societies shall be
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tary training of the health officers, and also authorized the
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heavy, hot and steaming poultices, soon cold and soggy, the forc-
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frequently carrying his hands to his head. That it depends upon
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another of the misrepresentations which Dr. Johnson finds it