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March 1st, 2011

ment and clinical experience agree in attributing to an artificial hyper
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the relief of a troublesome noise made by the flapping of the
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A momentary contraction may perhaps be noticed in the
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very precise means of marking off the stages of geologic time.
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anged the discharge becomes profuse and purulent fever
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on account of the appearance the owner desired to have it
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lexia develops in the later stages partly due to the pain partly
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have enumerated the most important points and will now finish
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cally opposite way to cold by relaxinj the vessels and tissues
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W. E. Lower in opening the discussion asked what the speaker s
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the Medical Library. Subject Some Recent Contributions to the Physi
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which sputum is not raised from the lungs do not usually contain
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of fatty tissue met with in the interior of joints and usuall
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drain was introduced at the lower end of the wound. Patient s
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masses of bacteria or disintegrated portions of blood clot carrying
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py be required. An incision is made parallel to the anterior
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Multiple anti bodies hemolysins exist in normal serum. Thus there
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that care which every one would wish to have used for his own.
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gorilla. The theory that the worm has an outside host has for
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that owing to a change in his place of residence the communi
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cases the disease usually spreads to it from the skin. It is rarely
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jects however have the disagreeable effects confined to the skin. A
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bility auditory and visual are well developed and but little
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tends more than any other to defeat the cure of tuberculosis and
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raised only after two negative cultures have been obtained some
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years. Only one death occurred among patients who were inoculated
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Doctor Hamann of the innominate and the common carotid for
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Volume I and also covers diseases of the alimentary tract liver pan