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March 1st, 2011

Hon. Henry E. Dwire, Editor of the Twin City Sentinel, Winston-Salem.

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hospital. The hospital authorities promptly notified

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volume, enhancing renal blood flow and antagonizing the

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acteristic. Nucleated red cells are, on the whole, rare; an occasional

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Possibility of full-time position. Send CV to Pedro

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" Puse and Progress of Thomsonism," attracted our especial

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patient could not be sent to Carlsbad, he would advise the giving

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it entirely changes the life of conscious sense, and

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was made for the trouble and expense of preserving the

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like an infant, and lost her memory ; in which state the patient con-

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the glands, which has just been noticed. Enlargement of the head, tume-

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the in&nt or the adult, sometimes comes on suddenly, sometimes nper-

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in some section of the terminal arborisations of the circulatory

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deepest muscular layers may be made with the greatest rapidity,

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that no pains will be spared by this Company to af-

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have not been fully investigated but in a series of cases examined by the

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placement with laceration of all structures at the ankle-

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when a doctor saw things on the program in which he was inter-

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Pyloric stenosis was diagnosed, for the following reasons : — (a) The

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tube ending in a curved glass outlet which could be elevated to

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tained by examinations of the refraction, especially among

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4. Now by use of hand syringe distend with five-per-cent solution

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that the Committee of Registration be directed not to

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preparation showed typical gonococcus decolorized by

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catarrh of the bladder by chlorate of potash. The view lately

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case in which there was a relapse after the operation, although in five

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fatally under Calabar bean (six by the fourth day, the seventh on the eighth

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amyl by inhalation in the treatment of gout, in addition

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wards, to surround the crus penis. Insertion, into the membrane

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phenomena of life are governed by the same laws which govern

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of numerous leukocytic elements originating in the bone-marrow. The number

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several years of residence in the East, after much personal observation

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the action of certain metallic poisons, such as mercury, which occasions

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so unique, that we trust that some of our English traders on

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bcr (P.) Diagnosis and treatment of fractures of the

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that ordinarily employed— viz., an entire freedom of the limb from all com-

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correct, but he had seen adults without much disability.

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Mills Bill No. 69.- Under this bill all persons engaged

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the bronchi. One guinea-pig presented lesions i^arded