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March 1st, 2011

into general i.e., those which evince simply a general cerebral disturb-
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twenty minutes until it causes vomiting. Chloral often acts well. Hoff-
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the symptoms resembling those occurring in diabetic coma. The patient
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normal individuals, and are usually neurasthenic or hysterical in origin.
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and the Hirudo vorax, which are important as human parasites. The
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Electricity is rarely, if ever, directly useful, but may sometimes be used
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towards death, and show no symptoms of being primarily affected.
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points, in anthrax the origin is purely centric. Anthrax oedema is dis-
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lymphatic glands and tuberculous bones and joints. The miliary tuber-
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emptied at regular intervals. Even in the earlier stages micturition may
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week, either from starvation or from pneumonia following the inhalation
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the insertions of the diaphragm in the thoracic wall. There is increased
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his body, or when it is shaken. A metallic tinkling is frequently to be
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Pseudo-muscular hypertrophy and the various atrophic muscular dis-
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these poisons have also the property of propagating themselves
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On making further inquiry in regard to this case, it has been ascer-
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to three or four per cent. So soon as a patient reaches the temperature
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assumption that the diagnosis is plain and that this affection is always
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But, Messrs. Editors, I will not presume any farther upon your indul-
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of whitlows. The bones and joints sometimes undergo arthropathic
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terebene and various volatile oils, especially of sandal wood or of creo-
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patient ; all of them are of doubtful utility. The spinal accessory and
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and corresponds or is synchronous with the contraction of the ventri-
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with increasing weakness, nervous disturbance, diarrhoea, enlargement
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especially of the omentum and Douglas's fossa, is likely to be invaded,
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part, and usually in the temperature. Trophic alterations cause changes
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suppurative processes, and in malignant disease. Its absence is con-
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elsewhere in the right iliac fossa, or even in the umbilical or the lumbar
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Hysteria frequently invades those functions of the body which are not
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of a heavy localized ache deep in the back, but usually is a burning,
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has in the vicinity of eighteen. The segments of the Botliriocephalus are
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of the skin by warm clothing and frequent bathing. Alike to the over-
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cases there has been direct inoculation with an already produced tetanus
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of less obvious origin is of more likely occurrence during epidemics of
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charges. Hospitals, AH^Vl^ cases, 2,618 deaths, and 742 discharges.
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for a new operation had some influence. Then, too, I imagine that
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similar staggering, with to-and-fro movements of the whole body, result-