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March 1st, 2011

The intercellular substance is homogeneous and translucent conf

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bearing extract. The light preparation appears to be a sulphate of

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chives from New York Dr. Veranus A. Moore Professor of

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the overlying gauze dressing with numerous strips of adhesive plaster.

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peated every half hour and if memory still remains lj hours

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between auricle and ventricle. The case represents the first grade of

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amount which should be administered and the frequency of the admin

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of patent foods and the importance of pure cow s milk.

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facing our description of the diseases with a few remarks on eaclij

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The shrapnel shell with which you are all undoubtedly famil

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direction leaving however the control and management of the Hospital

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lived for a varying length of time. The term stillbirth should

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Doctor Wolfenstein s case was discussed by W. E. Bruner who

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temperature fell to normal. It was further found on physical examina

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nual convention of that national body. It is not too early to

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individual cells have been separated and the characteristic nuclei can be

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question of engorgement of the uterus and its increase thereby in

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of fatty tissue met with in the interior of joints and usuall

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Doctor A. G. Hyde and Review of the Treatment of Cerebral Lues at

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If the animal be taken up for examination in this early stage

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left eye conjunctiva sclerae injected iris and pupil normal in

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and needle afterwards sterilized. At last injection a small ab

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tained by the profession and the Association in his death.

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tions of such an infection but the conditions would necessarily

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establish special schools for the training of hygienic experts for health

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The average dose given was about fifty minims. Most of the patients

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German physician and botanist originated the name Digitalis

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the faith of many and commercial materialism had crowded out

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cell count and find that this can be brought and kept down by

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assembled in the Council Chamber of the City Hall to hear a

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were conducted on a man who had complete stricture of the esophagus

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majority. All of the patients were cured with the exception of 8 who

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seems to be on the increase there are certainly more cases of it

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intestines tuberculosis of the kidney psoas abscess or tubercu

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tite was completely depraved foaming profusely from the mouth.

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ture of 104I labored respiration and quick feeble pulsation

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I iG.. ral bone diseases such as rickets and osteo malacia also

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mals. It is an investment of such importance from a financial

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interest and there is every reason to believe that polo will be

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depth would make a total of three and one half square inches of

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