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March 1st, 2011

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exudation of small round cells presumably leucocytes whose
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nerves of the esophagus mouth or stomach. Like the heart the stomach
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it was impossible to get at them to thoroughly disinfect. Now
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tion of baldness. Daily wetting of the hair especially if no attention is
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in spite of the fact that the former are usually better supplied with
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money. Ephemeral advertising cannot be expected to bring any
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Legislature and its committees are reasonable and it is not a hard matter
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Members present Drs. Beckett Burr Babbitt Clark Emerson
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nearly always within a few days after birth. In nearly half of
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A hernia can occur wherever the parietal peritoneum is not
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Failure to diagnose the disease early is the factor which
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importance in connection with the control of tuberculosis.
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tuberculosis of the udder in cattle supposedly causing the infec
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cent piece. The surface was perfectly smooth and glistening
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The physician could suit his own fancy as to whether he called them
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The report of a case of phimosis was given by Dr. Lynchke
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facturers argyrosis can be produced by any organic silver salt as well