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March 1st, 2011

still involved only the outer portion of the cornea, the pupil re-

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Dr. Wood is an able clinician, and this makes his book valuable. His observations are

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faith if you would enjoy the Christian's hope ; and consider it your

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In the mean time, if the symptoms denote exhaustion, the patient may

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Samples will be sent on receipt of request to physicians who indicate

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difference as regards congestion of the portions solidified. The solidified

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complaints is confessedly a subject of curious speculation; but

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0^ Syphilitic, Scrofulous and Cutaneous Diseases, Dysmenorrhea, CO

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informed, it has been used for several years very extensively in

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no clot shreds like fibrine; ecchymosis extending up the leg;

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the articular aflfection. When it follows the affection of the joints, it is

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opinion on clinical experience, I do not hesitate to express the belief that,

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As regards treatment, in cases of cirrhosis and in the great majority of

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sonal care of the physician. Experience shows that a large

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things being equal, are more likely to struggle successfully with the dis-

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and, on his return, at the end of three or four months, had lost

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cases. Generall}', the countenance is pallid, denoting amemia, but this is

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very valuable, are not after all held so highly by yourselves.

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in almost every way was radically improved. That these changes have been

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nected with the process of digestion in the small intestine, and may be

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in a small number of cases. Rigidity of the abdominal walls over the

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ease ends fatally by the slowly progressive exhaustion which it induces ;

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from exposing your ignorance on many questions of daily recurrence.

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controversy respecting the two modes of confinement — the grega^