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March 1st, 2011

nant diseases of that organ. When he intends to publish, he did not say.

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in their way." If we do this, then we find that we are little farther than

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Is tliere any other circumstance calling for remark?

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and perspiration is more free than in vapour baths. These baths may

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14. The reason why the foetus is expelled from the uterus at nine

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into the inferior one, and by this means the two serous surfaces are

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stage of the meningitis ; they consist of headache and pains, vomitings,

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Europe ; it is widely distributed throughout the whole of the United

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The average patient, as a matter of fact, does very well on such a diet ;

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pernicious anaemia ; yet in the former fatty metamorphosis seldom, if ever,

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around them. The parasite on its part forms a thick cyst wall ; never-

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plus 12 for a denominator : this gives the fraction of the adult dose which

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pneumococcus. In only one of the cases seen by Dr. Ballard was there

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nancy have advanced — ergot when the os uteri and external parts are in a

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vomiting and purging of mucous and bilious matter, rapid emaciation, and

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intestinal epithelium which possess marked antimicrobic power.

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When jjressure was maintained at the maximum, the iris and pupils

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utility sf'cms to })e estal)]ished l)y the testimony of Profanter's reports of

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softened, and the blood-vessels, especially the veins, much engorged.

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wine will usually agree provided it be not acid. I think a good Burgundy

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a series of similar cases, abdominal pain and collapse being added to

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selected cases of consumption has not been satisfactory, and we know

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9. Lewis, T. and Cunningham, D. D. Numerous papers on the Microscopy and

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with school attendance which promoted diphtheria. Indeed, this is

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micro-organisms are often capable of rendering a non-pathogenetic germ

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disease by the celebrated treatment of the " Brothers Mahon." — Gaz.

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Among the concurrent causes of this disease, we may mention the age

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