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March 1st, 2011

trusting these matters to men who are totally unqualified by
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of the Heart Blood Vessels and Lymphatics by M. R. Trum
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coils of intestine is not sufficient to cause general peritonitis the
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tions beyond the possibility of mere study but now for the first
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much interest and discussed by nearly every member present.
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blood flow measurements is afforded by the autopsy findings. It
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occurrence. This process is assisted by an ulcerative form of
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vading microbes namely such states as bacteriemia or septicemia. Other
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fifteen miles northwest of Worthington..Several sheep and
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to drag rapidly for some 30 kilometres. She was perfectly well
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rying density. Microscopically the epithelial cells are rarely
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At autopsy the case was found to be one of tuberculous peritonitis
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ciation as it was possible to formulate when the forms closed for
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multiply by fission or by the formation of spores in their interior
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of Paris. The after treatment is likely to be prolonged hut
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I it. The scaphoid is displaced to the inner side of the head
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tncroaching on the articular surface which is always involved.
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a case of difficult parturition in the mare and cow and which to
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A short time ago the chief inspector at one of our largest Bureau
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Growths of a very similar nature but somewhat more sol
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but the world has been taught the value of scientific sanitation. The
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for the original thymic anlage which is of entodermal origin
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large bowel reverts to an acid reaction and is very subject to cancer.
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nure which had been left on the floor and by the bedding that
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fallacy n ust not be forgotten viz. that any one of these trunks
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Jenner himself was besieged by people who desired to be vac
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cause ignorant men have not taken simple hygienic precautions.
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school of good repute to revise its courses if it would send out
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which is always scconchiry to one of the former. In all cases
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frequently associated with a similar enlargement of the i.orta. It
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The regular monthly meeting was held at the Harvard
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Coming back to our subject there is besides Doctor Herz
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and he got his meals at the Richbell Inn. His chief delight
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talk was wrong and was laughed at for his pains which made
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This case brings me naturally to speak of one which I have
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crease of concentration would produce no further increase of
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The utility of the limb may be unimpaired if the disease has
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sions. It brought forth a lively discussion however partici
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operation the remainder being found accidentally. The mortality of the
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School Surgeon in the Department for Diseases of the Nose and
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of syphilis which may be explained by the different character of
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Louis Fisher writing on the value of condensed milk
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and trouble. It is therefore not surprising when they happen
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do the work. Whenever collargolum is injected the tempera
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incised along the longitudinal axis and stripped off the artervj
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secretary of the Central States Division is glad to give information re
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will not again occur. There is now no provision for following