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March 1st, 2011

monary tuberculosis and deaths from non tuberculous diseases
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ing considerable trouble wdth that same disease just now. We
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Iposticus the flexor longus digitorum and of the tendo Achillis.
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appear with great frequency to decide its enzootic nature.
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minent especially on flexing the thighs. The movements of the
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contraction of the pupil. Faeces in the majority of cases are
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to allay his pain. But if on the contrary the wedge is placed
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ly to secure its publication in the Breeder s Gazette the Asso
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planted into a joint a tissue is formed which resembles synovial mem
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epithelium within a week. Sometimes when a partial grafting was done
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it is a disease that is very common among horses and often
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disease. Aside from the pulmonary lesions the condition of the
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lead us to a correct diagnosis and that were the stethoscope used
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bright red blood. He was much emanciated had a distressed look his
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skulls display incisors of this type. The prosharmotic variety of
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instance has he observed any change in the sugar output of the urine.
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culosis. A rabbit inoculated with a bovine germ for compari
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which constantly conditioned morbid results. This was only one
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graphical distribution as the plants themselves these protective
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Bscessive a fracture occurs at some point of mechanical dis
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At the present time there is no pain and the discharge has entirely
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minuted and solid viscera pulped. A similar result follows fror
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discussion turned upon the salaries paid by the Bureau with
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So long as the scolex remains attached and in the body of
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is undertaken at the nearest military post of the applicant. He
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Committee on Diseases decide upon what line of investigation
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applying acupressure have been described but the principle under
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Trivial wounds or those having good drainage and ready access
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ton and diagnosed as navicularthritis. Cocained by Dr. Bell
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Before the next session of the State Legislature measures are to be
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reasonable to suppose that it sinks in mud and becomes a pris
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The table shows that the quotient for ouabain obeys the
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nosis. The bulletin is chiefly devoted to a discussion of the
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with sweat. The driver said he never thought of anything be
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positive statement that the distinctive feature of human instincts
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some peripheral irritation which is insufficient to cause an acute
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be to eliminate the last 50. This constitutes at least one explana
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with considerable success. It emerges from the orbit along a line drawn from
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bone formation is dependent solely on the osseous tissue itself
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part was left free so that dressings could be easily applied. But
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the concretion. The pathologic condition existed three years with an
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cials who were present on that occasion and listened to Presi
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Facial Tic or histrionic spasm consists of a clonic contraction
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ment only to such proposed measures as may be unanimously
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and visible mucous membrane highly injected. While dressing
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to two to three grammes daily. The strict limitation of salt is not
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wards making a marked projection beneath the skin. In a case
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season which will shortly open and it is related that graduates
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for three days and then began to stagger behind breathing rap
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drying properties which are lacking in iodoform. Added to these im
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