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March 1st, 2011

The control of hemorrhage is one of the most difficult problems in con-
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an infectious disease, and its specific products are contagious — viz. the
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fected your hands, head, and beard. A better rule still is
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therefore, intravenous injections of the antidote might
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ard, introduced the President-Elect, Dr. A. H. Wright. Short
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where no manual efforts were made to remove the placenta except
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Contact: Ruth Feryok. Director. Office of Continuing Medical
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suppurations of the parotid, diphtheritic inflammations of the intesdiies^
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vation of Neisser and Wechsberg, that the destruction of bacteria by a
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dangerous character of damp, dark and dirty places,
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result of such involvement, could be of such degree which would
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is enclosed in a capsule, and is held in place by the suspensory liga-
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very pale. Five grains of ergotine dissolved in water were injected subcutaneously;
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depress the respirations to 12 per minute, thereby paralyzing peris-
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to gradually increase, and it almost always results in total blindness be-
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the way down, and I have come to the conclusion that the chlo-
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During early stage, while animal is still able to swallow, give 2
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wiiif than an nii i.pniion, which. .•ilthniiL'h fniinilt-il
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thing remaining of her pelvic trouble is a left lateral uter-
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there have been only an occasional case, and other entire
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Leibel and colleagues at the University of California in San
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" The inferences I would draw," Mr. R. remarks, " from this tabular view of
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At first children were not admitted, later a large number of feeble
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mented, and closely adherent to the adjacent tissues. In two other cases the
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had excellent results with it in gynecological practice;
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not to be confused with the general pulsatory vibration of the larynx that
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mists have given us the solid and gazeous contents of a pint,
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of half-a-crown, situated about two inches external to the falx, and at the anterior
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seemed to him that no one who was accustomed to see
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on an average from ten to fifteen days after the membrane has disappeared,
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ing the etiology or the pathology of acute infectious
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of osteo-arthritis. But whilst we are prepared to allow that
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816 'H-fammondi, Physiological Effects of Alcohol and Tobacco. [Oct.
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in three m.-ttances this compUc.ation only occurred between the
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it is passed through small openings at both ends and fastened
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Sec. 2. Any person violating any of the provisions of this regulation shall,
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that the representatives from the Sections should be ex-
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vers ; these appearances, by some of the older writers, were described as
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period of quiet replaces the excitement stage, the cat lying down with its head
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the rim of the acetabulum was torn up. Only the posterior s^ment of
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mary-care physician or the health plan over choice of
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ingly weak. The second brother had vomited blood several times, but
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thyreoid vein was present without an accessory. As to the
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"I. Mrs. E , aged 39, came under treatment August 19,
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general anesthesia. A long needle is introduced under
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last feature the disease received its name of acholuric jaundice.