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March 1st, 2011

excretion. Its presence in urine is suggested by the per
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sition to disinfect the lying in room before labor for
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the mercurial solution. After the birth of the child no
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renounce these great aids in the treatment of patients. Would any
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It may be concluded therefore that no one race is anatomically
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city attorney has given his opinion that if a patient lives in a
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over the cardiac area and therefore received the pulsations of the ventricle. The
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were lacerated accompanied by the destruction of considerable
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iluid withdrawn is mixed with blood and all other tests but the bacteriological
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than PirogofTs becauTie after the former the walking
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As important as the fears the doubts the sense of unreality
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dilatations are not uncommon and emphysema is a constant accompani
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have not only indicated that extensive operations may be
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and can be felt as a narrow tense band passing inward
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caseous catarrhal pneumonia. All other forms of destruction of lung
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uterus allowed to have a ligament two and a half inches long
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thoroughness and the persistency of its application. The
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other centres named the circulation in the skin is modified
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similar contributions. He has thus enriched English
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salvaraan our knowledge of the value of the drug and its
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needed from time to time. To prevent the pudding from adhering or sticking
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by a powerful electric arc lam an lt l is very rich
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By passing a current of air over copper heated to redness
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terior spine to the other. The woman was found cold and insensible and
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with regard to the meaning of the presence of tubercle bacilli
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thirteen.ward tents. Consideration should be g ven to the value of
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a minute. Even these factors are variable but 3 and 5 remain
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will soon be in readiness to carry out the system but
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factors are worthy of record and study. In this way only can the
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for increasing the chest mobility and improving the respiration.
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appears the unusual cunning to make the act a success.
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is recent chloral chloroform ansBsthesia etc. The actual
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Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal and to a recent ad
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poisoning attributed to wood alcohol used as a fuel are on record.
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occurrence of contagious and infectious diseases among
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disregard to vaccination in the inland towns of Maine which explains the
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witness few equal those of a severe case of this ailment.
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explosion although the exact time of his death was not known.
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Complete congenital occlusion of the anterior nares
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will cause such a statement from our author. We had supposed that
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In all cases of artificially induced disease the irritation comes
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Medical Schools and Graduates Association will be held
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syphilis. As ofBser in charge of the venereal department
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boy led with fillet oyle to the thicknefle of an vnguent is
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rate until thorough methodical treatment of the endo
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supplied for eight mouths with potatoes raised on a
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dreds of practitioners poorly qualified but prepared
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ease. Even with this demonstration the difficulties
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of parasite present. There is a daily fever. The condition is
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Aliens and Chinese in Our Asylums. There were on January
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It may be interesting to note the morbid states for
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sium 31 46 212 351 352. Hellebore and colchicum 163. Carbonate of
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being deposited in fine crystals on cooling. In boihng water it fuses into
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are occasionally added for the purpose of preserving them. The addi
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case of the decease of any one or more of them should
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Intraspinal ansesthesia is coming to the fore. Boyd and Young
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Morison James Rutherford 1 Claremont pl. Neueast e on Tyne
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Except in the oases and instances hereinbefore provided to the contrary in order
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cases erythematous lesions involved the skin of the chcsl
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the welcome and hospitality of the city. The work of
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ciency urieraia irrigate for twenty minutes at 110 with Kemp s fle. ible
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of accident and while we are apt to think that Euro
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phoresis. If this cannot be obtained cherry. This should not be punc
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Present they saw approaching the Chiefs of the Tribe of Graduates who
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