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March 1st, 2011

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slender than that of anthrax. It is anaerobic and in its
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well done but septic metritis followed and the animal died.
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tuberculosis. It is plain therefore that these cultures were of
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and as already stated its position varies in different species. The condition
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is not disputed. The difficulty forms around the question whether
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of the nose and may then be associated with fracture of the frontal
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ize by electing a chairman and a secretary who shall hold their
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heart and liver affections make the situation so serious.
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The wonderful strides in medical education are due not so much to
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ments will be filled with material of the kind that is of greatest
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The case went on with little trouble. Careful diet attention to
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But as Leszynsky has repeatedly produced prompt and permanent relief
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num lie was brought to Doctor A. B. Hooe in Washington by
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Five per cent of the total cases occurred in members of the profession.
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inflammatory lymph forms locally whilst the scrum collects in the
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of New Jersey is short sighted to say the least. I believe that
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is evidently due to a more acute process and possibly closer prox
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