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March 1st, 2011

rule of practice which we are endeavouring now to establish is tlw strictest

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not know the exact age at which they were castrated. This

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deposit of fibrin b It may arise as the result of the sudden

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frequently destroyed for glanders on the diagnosis of a single

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lore or less inflammation so that it is sometimes known as

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Douglas Diagnosis Insipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis 417

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the State Veterinarian of Pennsylvania who has been eminently

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opened the way to general discord and professional vagaries.

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Lesions from Both Reacting and Non Reacting Cattle.

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the neck from behind and compressing the artery by tbe lingers j

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they came except Vermont with the consent of the cattle

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there was quite a thick coating of mouldy looking slime on the

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ing. This fleshy band was formed by a portion of the right

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from an insurance point of view. Through a rightly planned

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cachexia and is destroyed. At the post mortem the heart pre

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were placed under special treatment. The control animals

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nurses. Up to the present time the best and most satisfactory

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usually from about a kilometer to a kilometer and a half behind

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encircle the zygoma subcutaneously with a loop of silver wire

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stock industry the natural trend is toward an association of these

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The following ordinance is hereby proposed to be adopted by the

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troyed as well as part of the subcutaneous tissues. In the

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the soft tissues of the body are readily traversed but bones and

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naphthol benzoate see New and Nonofficial Remedies 1915 p. 210.

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ciation is offered by the Bureau of Animal Industry. Estab

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totally eliminated by over lapping the sheath just as is done in

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On the surface of the swelling were several nodules that

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heard at the base of the organ. The second sound is dull. A

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charged then the fact should be made so prominent that every

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proved to have involved the testicle. It was a round celled sarcoma.

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stances are responsible for the symptoms seen or are mere indices and

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forbid the measure should have their opinions respected.

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I aneurism close to the bifurcation may be simulated by an abnormal

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alone. It was shortly after Italy entered the European war.

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phlebitis a non vascular fibro cystic mass remaining.

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then seriously considered. To support the view that the process was

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suffering humanity and the most perfect mode of ensuring

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until some time during the late winter or early spring of 1902

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vegetables bread cereals and fruit with a moderate amount of butter

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partum bleeding than is normal apparently it is unsafe to use

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Fare one way 12.80. Route Rail to Muskoka Wharf boat to Port