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March 1st, 2011

clinically exhibits weakness languor pallur. with or

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amount of hospital facilities it offered the student. While the impor

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Edinburgh held on November 29th it was reported that

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used in North Carolina during the epidemic. The Brodie vaccine was used

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bowel that was slipped inside the other will begin to sluff and

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Buslinell in America and Clive Riviere in England. Hilus

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of fibro vascular tissue which cicatrises later and the accepted mes

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infection by a determination of the opsonic indices

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York be reconstituted by an act of the legislature into a

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in the cat and dog I found that a muscle haemostasis

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Widal from the faeces of which he isolated a bacillus

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believed to have been inherited. He concludes by saying that

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near its upper and two notches at its lower end. The limb

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consulting practitioner was asked lo call upon her he

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case the patient experienced a sensation of a foreign

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In England the administrative veterinary officers called Dis

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Sheep Wash to Prevent Them from Barking Fruit Trees.

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knowledge of disease his profound and unerring judgment and the un

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On July 25 the child showed signs of improvement. The

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I y somnolence and those that correspond with anatomic

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exemplifies this view. It occurred in a man aged fifty eight

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frequently affected are the knee elbow and wrist. The disease

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additional awards to recognize special accomplishments in nursing.

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Table 76. Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis Admissions and deaths enlisted men

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tlie first week. Usually the disease is contagious only

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as a rule is tough elastic and has a bluish translucence as though

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lesion will be largely determined by unilateral dysmetric phenomena

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relating to the parasites of the domesticated animals or to neighbouring

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spleen bloody urine the liver showing a yellowish hue and gall

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severe boils. The most frequent is eczema which mainly occurs at those

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offers no difficulty. In those extremely rare cases where the terminal

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informed of his trade the nature of the foreign body can

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numbers of students so that personal attention is given

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the progression of the Blood in the veins upon absorption and

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Eisendrath and others at the time that collargol first came

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longitudinal suture because it parallels the wound. TliQ

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C CIlIllllC TIRELY ODORLESS. A Specific in Old Sores Ulcers Bubo Eczema

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to employ the whole opium instead of the alkaloids.

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distended during the systole they suddenly subside and even disappeu

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ably quickly before indeed the blood pressure has fallen to auv

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meets such examples in the Army Jaodical Department

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birth of her first child. At varying intervals thereafter she

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cancer when we have introduced a new element the abnormal cell

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action therefore would almost necessarily be exercised by the

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of arterial pressure the blood count must be studied the eye grounds

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ology of this disease is still a mooted question the growth being

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United States we have waters possessing all these properties to a marked

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land and Sjdney. Colombo where we spent only a short

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indeed this branch of the subject of vaccination be