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March 1st, 2011

gists, but in recent years a large amount of careful investigation has been

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Brass-casters, too, are often the subjects of nervous disorders not unlike

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tumour are concerned, secondary knots appear in almost every organ

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primitive fashion, originally common amongst uncivilized nations, and

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were only invested with supreme authority for half an hour, the first

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ebould have been chosen to attempt to envelope the whole with the

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assistant physician of the (Charleston) Dispensary, in 1828. I was

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and general indisposition. As soon as pus forms rapid absorption of the

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Meningitis.^-'H.ere again the absence of the rash is the chief distinction.

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protracted suffering from it ; even in the case of physicians, wiio vere

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times, it was thought to be the most prudent course to trust to the direct

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Season of the Year. — It occurs chiefly in the autumn, and has been

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say that, as nearly as can be ascertained, the one then seen was the onlj

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tion, and he was shorn of his exuberant locks. Perhaps the knowledge

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inconvenience, all disappeared in a very short tnoae, perhaps io a sin^e

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ness of the artery at the seat of occlusion, and sometimes loss of power

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buted the threat fire in New York to the fact of that city's being built of

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a doubt that those nerves derived from the spinal cord below the occipi-

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having its base or origin over a small nasal process of the firontal bone.

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Her teeth were sound and white, the gums of a pale-rosy color, and

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I>o9itor'8 hand for next No. — also, another from our old correspondent, Dr. Wil-

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tages, has scarcely one hundred students of medicine, when Philadel-

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tion of tumors, by observing the concurrent existence of tubercles, or of

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contains much lumpy, solid matter, an emetic may be necessary before

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may, though daily increasing, drop to normal during some part of each

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words, he constantly feels the want of a still more extensive respiratkm

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the progress of patients towards recovery when under medical or surgical

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which I have declared essential to the accomplished physician. You

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associated secondary infection. It is rare for the patient to be suddenly